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BERNARD CHEERE – Festival Manager

”I grew up with music around me, I composed and played. Music inspired me and made me who I am. I think music makes people better, gentler and happier and I hope that everyone around me, from children to adults, to love her as I love her. Funk, jazz, rock – all were born in the blues. Listen and loves as I do.”

ANDREEA PANCU – Deputy Festival Manager

”I believe that music is sublime language of humanity, it is a necessary part of communication and may be the profound quality of life and civilization. Music is not just entertainment, music is an investment that gives meaning to life, it is a way of being, a way of thinking. `You say I’m a dreamer May … but I’m not the only one!`”

ADRIANA MARIN – Operational Manager

”I have my own loves, delights and even sufferings, and you have your own. But satisfaction, longing, hope and suffering belong to us all, in all times and places. Music is the only means by which we feel these emotions in their full universality. For me Focsani Blues Festival is a soul project from my soul! And so it will remain!”


”I am attracted to the events that manage to touch the humans’ sensitive side and improve their mood. I was always impressed by the power of blues as it enters the people’s souls to make them vibrate and I consider extraordinary the experience of listening to live music.”

ANDREI POPA – HR & Marketing Manager


MARIUS ANASTASIU – Logistics Manager

”I like people in general, and I love those who know how to enjoy the music and the atmosphere. It’s music that creates emotion, I like to see how people let go of that emotion, and enjoy more of the moments they live in, that’s what the FBF does, brings excitement and joy. Music is there from the first moment to the last. You just have to breathe.”

CHRIS CIGOLEA – American Artist Manager

”Blues music teaches us respect and trust, can find injuries in a society, showing our paths to heal them and has the power to unite us in the spirit of love and compassion that we all need.”


„Blues music is easy to play but hard to feel!” (Jimi Hendrix)


„In a world where we talked about the importance of relaxation, he remained faithfully an old friend – music. Quality music listened to in public spaces with fellow citizens and friends coming in.”


„music is what the feelings sound like”