Parking available around the event location.

You should not park on green space or sidewalk.

Sidewalk = space exclusively for pedestrians

Please, if you live close to Union Square, leave the car at home, and do some exercise either by a pleasant walk on foot at the beginning of autumn or on a bicycle, a special place is provided for bicycles safety.




No smoking in the seating area and is recommended not to smoke in front of children!



In the Festival perimeter you will find closely marked the places for physiological functions.

Please maintain the cleanliness and respect the rules of common sense, and those who provide the cleaning services.




At the event there is always an ambulance, so if you or someone close is unwell, please seek immediate first aid.




FBF is protected by the gendarmerie and by UMO.

Please follow their instructions in case of an incident.




The festival schedule is subject to change depending on situations not related to the ESTICA Association, which organizes the event.

Please respect those who are on stage or artistic actions during the 3 day event.




It is prohibited the use of drugs or possession of weapons in the event perimeter.

If you want to get closer to the universe, please meditate!



We do not support disrespectful behavior in the event area.

This includes obscene language, throwing objects, eating sunflower seeds.

We all know the swear words, so if you want to show off, do it yourself at home in front of the webcam and posted on Youtube!

Please respect the line when you are at the bar area!

People who jump in line at the bar area are the same people who jumped first in the lifeboats on the Titanic! and there is nothing fabulous in it!


It is forbidden for unauthorized vendors to be present at the event.

We all know that you have big stock of dolls, guns and other Chinese shoddy stuff, but this event is not the place to get rid of them!


In case of bad weather, you may bring your own umbrella.

No airing on any radio station, and no replay, so if it rains outside it is nothing serious, just a little water that falls from the sky. Let’s get the artists to enjoy the music they sing in front of an audience, and not some empty seats!

Come to the Festival on Sunday!

After spending two days together, we would be sorry not to see you again in the last day of the festival, no matter how tired you are! stay with us and with the artists till the end!

Do not overdo with selfies!

Especially after 10 beers and two sleepless nights!

We do not think you will benefit from close-ups.

Come to shows on time. The first bands on stage are eager for applause too!

We do not accept excuses like:

  • the dog ate my ticket!
  • I had to wash my laundry!
  • I missed the train !
  • I had nothing to wear!