Three reasons to attend the Focșani Blues Festival 2019

focsani blues festival
18 iun. 2019

The blues is the root, the rest are the fruits. Willie Dixon

Between August 29 and 31, 2019 ZagaZaga from Siret Delta will become km 0 for all blues music lovers.

The biggest blues festival in Romania, Focșani Blues Festival, brings just 20 kilometers away from Focșani, the music of black people in the southern United States and causes us to embark on a musical and educational journey.

We leave here the three main reasons to participate in the Focsani Blues Festival 2019:

1. Discover blues music and its roots and get the chance to admire artists from ZagaZaga from all over the world

Some well-known musicians from Europe, countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Norway and Romania will be joined by artists from Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. You will be able to anticipate the wide range of musical styles (jazz, rhythm & blues, rock, country, pop and even symphonic music), rhythms and cultural influences that will make the Siret Delta resonate with life and diversity.

Few know that blues music came out in the United States in the late 19th century. It is both musical and vocal, which comes from the humming songs during work (work songs) and gospel of the blacks. It is played at different times, from slow to very fast (contrary to the usual impression, according to which there is only slow blues).

The direct interactions with the artists who come to the festival will complement this experience.

2. Various activities at the festival for the whole family

We want the festival experience to be for the whole family.

In addition to the concerts that will immediately attract your attention, the festival awaits you with many other outdoor activities, perfect for connecting with nature:

– Boat trips on the resort’s canals
– Fishing
– Bike ride
– Riding a pony or horse
– Adventure park
– Bicycle rides
– Access to the pool

The campsite accommodation will complement the festival experience, for those who need a tent, the organizers make available their rental service.

Festival gives you 3 days of full understanding. You do not have to know any foreign language to be with the others, at the same pace, listening to the same music.

Follow the festival’s Facebook page for more information and news.

3. Participation is free on the day scene of the festival and the transport from Focșani is provided by the organizers

The experience proposed by the organizers is accessible to everyone. Participation in the festival at the day scene is free. This is where internationally renowned artists will perform, ready to be discovered by blues music lovers.

Being a premiere edition in this oasis of nature, ZagaZaga, the festival organizers will provide all participants with free transportation from Focsani.

You can find the complete program and all the transport information on the festival website:

Blues music has the gift of bringing people together, and the festival, through its artistic direction, aims to become a celebration of blues.

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